To see my recent visit to the Painted Churches of Texas, click here. ~Leigh


Favorite Memories, in no particular order (I’ll be coming back and linking these to pictures)

  • Swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii
  • Danube river cruise at night in Budapest
  • Tulips in The Netherlands
  • Watching American Pharoah win the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown at Belmont
  • Ponza
  • Dinner by the Vasa in Stockholm
  • Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island
  • Walking along the Riva at sunset in Split
  • New Year’s in Rio
  • Riding horses on the beach in Ireland
  • The drive to Glen Coe in Scotland
  • Drinking wine under the stars while listening to music in Diocletian’s Palace in Split
  • Dubrovnik after dark, and watching the sunset from outside the city walls
  • Watching orcas in the Pacific Northwest
  • Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia
  • Listening to Mozart in a room where Mozart played for Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna
  • Walking on a glacier in Denali National Park